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A grand piano offers so much. It can make an excellent addition to your home and be something that brings you and your family together to create music. If you are a trained pianist, a grand piano allows you to create not just a nice sound, but it allows you to add a more vibrant emotional expression to each piece you play. A grand piano is a popular option for performing in concerts or even for recordings. No matter the brand you choose, you will be receiving a magnificent piano. Our grand used pianos in Scottsdale, AZ offer the same amazing quality you are looking for.

Benefits of a Grand Piano

When a composer creates a piece of music, a grand piano can assist the pianist to recreate that composer's vision by fully expressing that rich sound. Here are some of the great benefits a grand piano offers:

  • Although they are larger than an upright, the size allows for the maximum amount of sound and control. Since you can open the lid, this is what makes it popular for concerts halls because you get a great projection.
  • Gives you a better ability to add a subtle expression to notes throughout a piece. You can change tones without completely releasing a key.
  • The action mechanism makes it easier to play than an upright and allows you to play twice as fast.
  • They are able to withstand humidity changes better than other pianos.
  • The pedaling options are more sophisticated.

Even if your grand piano is used, it can still create a magnificent sound because of the workmanship and materials used to build it. Southwest Pianos is proud to offer used pianos Scottsdale, AZ residents love and recommend. Our grand pianos are certified per-owned and waiting to be played. Although grand pianos are known for being the pricier option, a used piano may be the way to go. For more information about our used pianos in Scottsdale, AZ, give us a call today!