HAILUN HG150 SE Andante (4'9.5")


HAILUN HG150 SE Andante (4'9.5")

The 4'9.5" Hailun HG 150 Andante provides an uncompromising musical experience at a friendly cost. Equipped with features rarely found in pianos of its size, it includes full sostenuto, Hailun exclusive slow close fallboard, duplex scale and hydraulic lid safety system. The plate is made with a wet sand casting – the way the finest American and European pianos are manufactured which avoids the metallic sound you hear on lesser Asian pianos. The hammers have German felt for warm sound. The pin block has 17-18 laminations for excellent tuning stability. The HG 150 Andante will provide many pleasant experiences for students and performers of all levels.

This piano comes with Hailun Pianos 15 year transferable manufacturer warranty.

Prices shown are from the trusted source of www.pianobuyer.com, in store price may be negotiable in person. 

It includes:

  • New matching bench
  • Free local delivery
  • 1 in-home tuning
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee