Humidity vs. Pianos

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Humidity vs. Pianos

March 12, 2021

Humidity vs. Pianos

At our International Piano Gallery in Tempe Arizona, we have a vast collection of instruments from around the world.

From our smallest console pianos to our largest concert grand instruments they all share one thing. They are all composed of various types of wood and thus are all susceptible to changes in humidity.

Without maintaining appropriate humidity levels in your pianos environment, irreparable damage to your instrument could occur. 

There are two schools of thought on the best way to accomplish this.

First for your health as well as the pianos, is to humidify your entire home, or at least the room in which your piano lives.

Second, would be two install a Damp Chaser System in your piano. The primary benefit of this system is to maintain the humidity level at the soundboard 2 approximately 45 degrees relative humidity. It also eliminates large swings and humidity levels which will change the overall pitch of the instrument causing tunings to be unstable.

Please feel free to reach out to us regarding ways to ensure the health of your piano. 

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