Petrof P131 M1

Petrof P131 M1

This P 131 M1 51" professional upright piano is ranked in the highest, master built upright piano series. These are upright pianos with the greatest sound potential and are therefore favorites of demanding professional pianists. They are suited not only to apartment interiors and music schools, but also presentation piano recitals within an orchestra or in different public stages.      

The M1 model has a non-traditional music stand, which allows the score to be placed within a wider area and at the height of the pianists eye

As with all PETROF upright pianos, the P131 M1 is marked a "European Excellence“ label, which guarantees the European origin of the instrument. 

This piano comes with Petrof Pianos 10 year manufacturer warranty.

It includes:

  • New matching bench
  • Free local delivery
  • 1 in-home tuning
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee