Yamaha MC10
Used Upright

Yamaha MC10

The MC10 is similar and part of the U1 line and was sold for the Japanese market, along with the U10, a sibling model to the MC10. The MC10 gives the sound and touch that Yamaha has perfected being the bright and solid tone of their uprights.

The Yamaha U1 is the 48" model of the professional U-series of Yamaha pianos. It is an ideal choice for professional, school, studio, and home use. Yamaha U-series pianos are phenomenal choices for music educators, studio musicians, students and home users. Let us pick out the perfect piano for you from our very large selection.
This piano comes with a 5 Warranty and a Lifetime Trade Up Guarantee.

These versatile instruments are in fantastic aesthetic and mechanical condition; customers who visit our showroom will mistake them for new pianos without fail. We are very confident that they represent the best combination of quality and value for the overwhelming majority of our customers.